Friday, March 28, 2008

For The Princess

My friend KT has the daintiest little peanut of a daughter. We call her The Fabulous Miss M. Last weekend Miss M had a princess party for her 3rd birthday. I supplied the confection.

Warning: What follows may cause you to require an insulin shot. It's that sweet.

For the Princes & Princesses:
Lemon cupcakes with strawberry cream filling, green buttercream frosting and topped with a pink marshmallow fondant crown, complete with silver non-peril jewels.

The lemon cupcakes cool.
The strawberries macerate for the strawberry cream filling.

The cupcakes are filled.

The marshmallow fondant was tinted the requisite princess pink and left to rest over night.
The crowns are cut, embellished with silver non-perils and painted with luster dust.

The crowns are molded so they'll stand up.

Finally, the green buttercream is piped on to the cupcakes in a swirl and the crowns are put in to place.


Next up, the parents are treated to a pink feather boa cake. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Oh I am SO glad you took pictures! I totally meant too but then I got distracted.

I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW GOOD THESE WERE! I have some leftovers downstairs and I am about to go eat one!

BTW - I have your plate and platter that the cake was on.

Thanks again Rhi...A MILLION kudos to you!

(I actually ate a whole cupcake today as opposed to just eating Mahayla's leftovers and it was better than I had even remembered!)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the tastiest cupcake ever to be baked!