Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lions, Tigers & Dinosaurs, OH MY!

I had two jobs for kid's parties this Saturday. The first was a T-Rex loving little guy who was turning four. (He has a great ROOOOAR! He showed me when I delivered the cake.) The cake was yellow cake, sour cream chocolate filling and chocolate swiss meringue buttercream frosting. The dinosaur was sculpted out of fondant and painted with paste food colors.





The second party was for a dear friend of mine (we were partners in crime on the dance floor, back in our wild and woolly days) who's little man was turning two. He had a jungle animal themed party so we went with a lion cake and lion, tiger, zebra and monkey cupcakes.
The cake was Summer in Your Hand (lemon cake, strawberry cheesecake filling and strawberry swiss meringue buttercream. To keep the flavors in tact but still achieve the desired colors, I did a fat crumb coat of strawberry frosting and then a thin decorative layer of colored vanilla frosting.
The cupcakes were yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.




Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Free Minis?! Ahhhh Yeah!

The Blue Saucer and Look Cupcake are hosting a little event on Saturday, May 31st. Free mini cupcakes (while they last) from 10am - noon. Come on down!

Also - click here to check out the buzz (from the blogger responsible for Cakespy Blog

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Instant Gratification

Jonesin' for a Look Cupcake? Have IMMEDIATE filled cupcake needs? Detox setting in?

We've heard you! (And, who are we to deny anyone their sweet, sweet pastry fix?)

So, we've got an exciting announcement...

Beginning this Saturday, May 17th, you'll be able to pick up a Look Cupcake or two at Blue Saucer Cafe in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle!
Blue Saucer cafe is located at 9127 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle.

Make sure to pick up a Hellfire Mocha while you're getting your Look fix. They made me one while I was there last week and OH MY GOSH - spiced chocolate fans, unite! Delish.

A little shout out to Billie (the owner) and her staff. The place is adorable and right in the heart of the fun little Maple Leaf neighborhood. (Just up the street from Home Cake decorating shop, the Seattle cakeaholics' mecca.)

We'll be holding a Look sample event at the cafe in the near future. Stay tuned for date and time information.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Pot of Pretty

I made this cupcake bouquet for The Official Look Cupcake Graphic Artist. He's going to surprise his wife with it for Mother's Day. They happen to have two unbelievably cute little girls (one of which, I'm told, does The Robot.) These little flowers were really fun to make. I went a little bananas piping them last night so I packed up some extra boxes for the girls to give to their mama.

Half of the cupcakes are Summer in Your Hand (lemon cake, strawberry cheesecake filling and strawberry swiss meringue buttercream.) The other half are Chocolate Hazelnut (chocolate cake with hazelnut syrup, hazelnut chocolate ganache centers and hazelnut swiss meringue buttercream.)

The butterfly and monogram are made of piped chocolate and white non-pereils.

Here are the bouquet (the toothpicks were to keep the cellophane from touching the frosting)and boxes:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Day Job - Now They Won't LET Me Quit

Yesterday I took in a big order of minis for my day job. They turned out amazing. People were twittering about them all day. I decided to garnish my lemon/strawberry cakes with mint and I think that will become the new standard topping for those cakes. It just makes them so fresh and even more summer-like.

I also debuted my chocolate hazelnut minis at this event. This is my new favorite flavor. Chocolate cake with hazelnut soaking syrup, chocolate hazelnut ganache and hazelnut swiss meringue buttercream. I topped them with shaved bittersweet chocolate. And..frankly..I'd sell my soul to be able to eat one of these each day.

And now for the pics: