Friday, May 9, 2008

A Pot of Pretty

I made this cupcake bouquet for The Official Look Cupcake Graphic Artist. He's going to surprise his wife with it for Mother's Day. They happen to have two unbelievably cute little girls (one of which, I'm told, does The Robot.) These little flowers were really fun to make. I went a little bananas piping them last night so I packed up some extra boxes for the girls to give to their mama.

Half of the cupcakes are Summer in Your Hand (lemon cake, strawberry cheesecake filling and strawberry swiss meringue buttercream.) The other half are Chocolate Hazelnut (chocolate cake with hazelnut syrup, hazelnut chocolate ganache centers and hazelnut swiss meringue buttercream.)

The butterfly and monogram are made of piped chocolate and white non-pereils.

Here are the bouquet (the toothpicks were to keep the cellophane from touching the frosting)and boxes:


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Too pretty to eat!!