Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lavendar & Ganache

This cake was a surprise for a dear friend's birthday. The cake went to Maggiano's Little Italy in Bellevue last night where we ate (oh - how we ate!) dinner before heading upstairs to the swanky bowling alley.

My husband and I decided we would sneak the cake in without anyone in the party seeing it. After circling the block twice we finally figured out how to get IN to the parking garage. Then, we went down. And down further. I kept glancing back at the cake, thinking about how far I was going to have to carry that thing. (Cakes are deceptively heavy. I'm guessing this one weighed at least fifteen lbs. Also, this cake was too tall to fit in a box - so no box.) At some point, we started heading East and down (Eastdown? Downeast?) and perhaps crossed in and out of several alternate dimensions. By the time we finally parked, we hadn't a clue where we were or how to get to where we needed to be.

So I heft this purple & chocolate cake and start schlepping through the parking garage, up several elevators, down a few more and finally cross a skybridge to the proper building. In case you were wondering...yes, you do get odd looks and comments when you carry a purple and chocolate cake through a parking garage.

The Maggiano's staff was fantastic and we pulled off the surprise (although, we had to let the birthday girl's husband in on it because they kept trying to order chocolate cake for dessert.)

The bottom tier was chocolate hazelnut cake filled with bittersweet ganache. The top tier was vanilla cake filled with salted caramel.

Lavendar Cake
Fondant flowers & dragees
Lavendar and Ganache