Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter, Princess Towers & A Messy Bench

Sounds like the makings of a great dirty joke, eh?

As this is a FAMILY blog - there will be none of that.
(Call me - we'll do happy hour. Dirty jokes, ahoy!)


Some pictures of a cute little Easter cake we made:
Just a little six inch round chocolate hazelnut cake - filled with hazelnut ganache and frosted with hazelnut Swiss meringue buttercream. We made the nest from white chocolate and filled it with cute little robin's egg candy.

Easter Cake

A close up of the nest:
Easter Cake

And now, a tower fit for a princess....
Actually, this tower was made to hold the replicated family crest of the birthday boy. Crest, Lion & Crown are all edible.
The crown gave us some trouble, this is actually the second incarnation - made on the fly. And for some reason - we didn't take pictures of the finished product. But here it is in it's mid-finished glory. (Perhaps the birthday boy will provide pics of it at the venue?) This was delivered to
Purr Cocktail Lounge on Capital Hill in Seattle.

(Pay no attention to the mess on my bench behind the tower. It's a bit like the The Wizard of Oz - the reality of the work isn't quite as GLAM as we'd like to make you think.) :)

The Princess Tower