Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Tower at the Top of the Needle

David & Danielle (seriously, this couple could not be any more adorable) got married last month at the top of Seattle's iconic Space Needle. Guess who provided the (vegan!) cupcake tower and cutting cake? I'll give you a hint.... it was us.

On with the show:

The tower, with the view from The Needle in the background.
These cupcakes & cutting cake are all vegan with 100% edible decorations. (Even the monogram topper!)
Latte cake, green tea cake & vanilla chai cake.

Vegan tower
David & Danielle are about to enjoy their cake...
Vegan tower
Vegan tower

Says the (glowing! She's GLOWING!) bride, "The cupcakes (and cake) were great... we got a ton of compliments. And we will definitely call you for the one year cake... yum! We love your cakes :)"
Thank you, Danielle & David, for letting us be a part of your day!